Chandragiri Fort is a historical fort, built in the 11th century located in Chandragiri, Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh, India. Tough mostly associated with Vijayanagara Kings it was built much earlier in 11th century by Yadava Naidu kings. Chandragiri was under the rule of Yadava Naidus for about three centuries and came into control of Vijayanagara rulers in 1367. It came into prominence during Saluva Narasimha Rayalu. Later, the most famous Vijayanagara emperor Srikrishna Devaraya, was kept restricted in this fort as a prince, till his coronation at Penukonda. It is also said that he met his future queen Chinna Devi at this fort. Chandragiri was the 4th capital of Vijayanagara Empire, Rayas shifted their capital to here when Golconda sultans attacked Penukonda. In 1646 the fort was annexed to the Golkonda territory and subsequently came under Kingdom of Mysore rule. It went into oblivion from 1792 onward. The Raja Mahal Palace is now an archaeological museum. The palace is an example of Indo-Sarcen architecture of Vijayanagara period. The crowning towers represents the Hindu architectural elements. The palace was constructed using stone, brick, lime mortar and devoid of timber.


Chandragiri Fort lake Chandragiri Fort Drone view Chandragiri Fort front view Chandragiri Fort images Inside of Chandragiri Fort


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